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Myappmaker is the simple, affordable way to build a mobile app! Stay connected to your customers and fans and put your business information, music, photos, videos, merchandise, right at their fingertips.

Myappmaker has revolutionized the mobile App development process by completely automating the steps to create mobile apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android platforms (Blackberry is coming soon too!).

MyAppMaker puts your brand right in your customer's pocket!

Promote your music with videos and social media integration, link to iTunes for sales directly from your app, sell your merchandise and connect with fans through Push Notifications.

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Promote your next trade show, convention, concert, or even a wedding with an app. Use it to interact with customers or fans, show photos, build a mailing list, and display exhibitor lists and maps. You can even add a built in QR Code reader for badges or name-tags.

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Let your customers create a shopping list, save loyalty cards, share recipes and scan barcodes. You can even upload your weekly flyers, circulars or sale specials and offer them exclusive mobile-only coupons.

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