MyAppMaker FAQ
  • What is MyAppMaker?
    MyAppMaker is a simple and inexpensive way for anyone to get their own beautiful and custom branded Apps for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android platforms.

  • What is an Application (app)?
    An Application is a program that anyone with an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android can install, using Apple’s App Store or Android Marketplace.

  • Why do I need a mobile App?
    A mobile App is a powerful way to connect you to your customers. It can be used to promote your business, keep in contact with your customers and provide them with valuable information and updates and encourage customer loyalty with rewards and incentives. You can use your App to promote events, as well as share photos, video and audio. You can even set up m-commerce, so your customers can shop directly from their mobile device.

  • Who can have an App?
    Anyone! Mobile Apps are for everyone- small businesses, corporations, real estate, restaurants, night clubs, bars, musicians, bands, entertainers, automotive, legal, political, healthcare, hotels, non-profits, educations, news & publications, banking & finance, museums, attractions and many more. However you don’t need to fall into one of these categories – anyone can have an App with the power of MyAppMaker.

  • How much does it cost to create an app?
    With MyAppMaker you only pay a setup fee (costs depends on features selected, typically $999.95 and up) and just a $19.99 per month hosting fee. You can have the ability to send push notifications to your App users for just an additional $9.99 a month. There is no contract or time commitment required and you can cancel at anytime.

  • Do you offer special discounts for non-profits?
    Yes, we offers discounts for all non-profit organizations! Please note that while we discount all of the development costs, you’ll still be charged the monthly hosting fee as mentioned above.

  • How can I make money from my app?
    You can set your own price and sell your App for profit in the App Store or Android Marketplace, and you can even set up m-commerce, allowing your customers to buy your products or services directly from their mobile device!  You can also sell your music on iTunes right through your app.

  • How long does it take to create an app and have it available for download?
    The time it takes to create your App will depend on the features you have selected as well as how quickly you can gather the information that you would like to include in your App .  We can begin making your app immediately after purchase, and it can be completed in as little as a few days. Once you're satisfied with you’re App it will be submitted to Apple and the Android Marketplace for approval. Android is typically live instantaneously and Apple tends to take about  a week, but this part of the process depends completely on Apple. Once your App is approved, we will notify you that your App is available for download.

  • How can I market my App once it's finished?
    You can promote your App on your company’s website, and favorite social media sites like Facebook, and Twitter. You can also talk to your customers about it at any events or tradeshows you participate in as well as mention it on traditional print and television ad campaigns. It is also important to use your app to connect with your users and provide them with valuable information and incentives- that will keep them coming back and recommending it to their friends and colleagues.

  • How do I cancel?
    We hope you will give us a chance to resolve any issues you are having with myappmaker, and we hate to lose you as a customer. However, if you do want to cancel, simply send an email to Include your account number and the reason you want to cancel and we will cancel your subscription and remove your App from the App Store and Android Marketplace.  There are no termination fees, and you can cancel at any time, however, there are no credits for partial months.

  • Is my App customizable?
    Yes!  We can upload your own logos and images for use as loading screens and backgrounds.  You can even upload different backgrounds on different pages. Myappmaker will give us the flexibility to change text, page titles, color schemes, and even add more pages and features to your app easily.

  • Can I update the App once it's launched?
    Yes! MyAppMaker allows you to easily update your App content. NOTE: A few App customization changes (like App name, App icon, loading image, cost) will require submitting your App to Apple for approval.

  • Can I track statistics on my App after it is created?
    For Sure!  Once your App is live, you'll be able to get a lot of great analytical data regarding your Apps performance. You will have access such as the number of App downloads, the location of your users, button usage and navigation within the app.  While other app companies charge for this service, myappmaker provides this to all of our customers for FREE!

  • Who owns the content I put in the App?
    You do! Its your content, we simply make it available to your App users.
  • Who can update my App?
    We can, simply contact us about any changes you would like to make and we can make them for you at our hourly rate.

    What is MyAppMaker’s Privacy Policy?
    You can access MyAppMaker’s Privacy Policy here.

  • Do I need to modify my content for my Android app?
    No. We’ve streamlined the creation process so the same images and content work across the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

  • How long does it take for my Android app to show up in the Android Marketplace after I submit it to MyAppMaker?
    Unlike iPhone apps, there is no Android approval process.  Your Android app will usually appear in the Android Marketplace within 24-48 hours.   

  • If I want to stream music, does my music have to be on iTunes?
    No - your music does not have to be on iTunes to stream it. Just upload an MP3 to your myappmaker account and we will stream that into the App.

  • Where do Push Notifications appear if I send them to my users?
    On an iPhone, Push Notifications will appear to your user even if the app is closed.  They will look similar to a text message.  On an Android device, it’s a little different, and is actually more of a “Pull” notification.  Your messages are sent immediately, but may take a few minutes to appear as an alert in the top status bar on the device.