Why MyAppMaker

MyAppMaker.com is the easiest and most robust web based application builder on the internet today. Creating your app truly is as easy 1, 2 3. Whether you are non technical or the most technical savvy person around, we made it simple and straight forward for everyone!

The mobile market is already huge, and growing at an exponential rate. Marketing reports are indicating that more internet searches are being done on mobile devices than traditional desktop and laptops. By creating a mobile application you are now increasing your chances of being found on the internet and not only getting into your customers pockets but staying there.

Ensure your business or brand is represented to this growing target audience by being visible on a mobile application. Your potential customers or Fans will see your app in the iTunes App Store or in the Android Marketplace and once they have download it, they’ll always have it right on their mobile device… it’s constant advertising at their fingertips and in front of their eyes! Not to mention the fact that they now have one touch access to you through email, social networking and one-touch call options via your APP.

As if that’s not good enough …you have direct access to them too. With Push Notifications options you can send messages to your users even when the App is closed. This notification will show up as a text message right on their phone. Push notifications are a great way to keep your users up to date about business announcements, new specials or promotions, events, tours, and new products, merchandise and more.

  • Track your stats:
    After your app is created, login to myappmaker.com and see data and statistics for your app, including number of downloads, and how your users are navigating within your app. What better way than measuring the success of your App than our robust tracking and reporting features. Try that with traditional print media!

  • Build your contact list:
    When a new user downloads your app, they will be asked to add their mailing address and phone number to your contact list in order to receive exclusive content and specials.

  • Keep Content Fresh:
    Use RSS feeds and keep your content within your application fresh. This works great for calendar and events, news, listings and specials.

  • Appointment Setting:
    Let your customer fill out a form within your App quickly and easily to set an appointment while they are interested.

  • Sell your books, podcasts or music through iTunes.
    We make it easy to integrate your iTunes music, books and podcasts within your MyAppMaker.com App.
Sign up for an account today and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to get an App!