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Please read the Terms of Service Agreement carefully prior to using the software. As a customer or potential customer of the web site ("Service"), a service of New Wave Industries, Inc. ("NWI"), you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service"). If you do not agree to any portion of the Terms of Service Agreement, do not use this software.

As the owner of we hereby reserve the right to modify and update our Terms of without advanced notice to resellers. As continues to advance and offer new technologies and enhancements to the (Software as a Service – S.A.A.S.) web based software such as offering new tools, accessible resources, categories or affiliations they shall all be subject to the Terms of Service Agreement.

As a consumer of the site and continuing to utilize the software and services within you are hereby acknowledging and agreeing to abide to any and all changes made to the Terms and Conditions. If at any time you wish to review the most recent version of the Terms of Service text you may do so on our website which is located at: If at any point discovers that you have violated any of the Terms of Service you will be issued a warning notice or depending on the severity of the violation you could possibly face loss of access and termination of your account. reserves the right to terminate any account without any written or verbal warning. prohibits such irresponsible conduct and Content on the Service we cannot be responsible for content or subject matter posted within the service. With that being said, there are possibilities that these content and service violations could make susceptible to be exposed to such content therefore you agree to use the service at your own risk. Account Terms: requires that users of this site be at least 13 years of age or older. NOTE: If you are under 13 years of age and have a great idea for an application have your parent or legal guardian use the site. Prior to application creation using’s SAAS you must complete the entire account creation and signup process. This includes providing your full legal name, address, phone, a valid email address and any and all additional required fields. In order to have access to the web based software you must be a human. does not allow any robot registered, managed or automated accounts. Sorry robots!

As a customer of you are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your account. cannot and will not be responsible for any loss or damage to your account due to any failure to comply with security obligations. Please create secure passwords and be careful when sharing login information with other is not to be used for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. You may not use for illegal or unauthorized purposes. Please make sure you are aware of any local or federal laws which are not limited to copyright or trademark laws. takes no responsibility of the content that is posted within your account. You are responsible for any and all that is posted within your application. This will also include content that may be posted by other parties that have access to your account. Payments and Refund Terms:

In order to complete the sign up process and build your application a valid credit card is required. All fees are quoted in United States dollars. You will be responsible for paying any and all fees, taxes, duties or levies imposed by taxing authorities within a timely manner by a valid payment method. takes no responsibilities of liabilities concerning your taxes or duties. Please make yourself aware of tax laws pertaining to your business. The Software as a Service is non-refundable. Sorry, no exceptions. For additional information on canceling service please see the Cancellation and Termination policy below. If your credit card payment method fails in any way whether due to insufficient funds, deactivation or expired date you are responsible for contacting us to replace or update the card number. If the payment becomes past due we may contact you, utilize other payment methods that may be on file or use the services or collection agencies or legal counsel to collect funds. Should your account be unpaid for a period of 60 days reserves the right to delete your application from the site. Upon completion of your app, will submit your application for approval and handle all of the necessary steps to obtain an approval. However, should your application be denied you will be required to make the necessary changes as outlined by In the unlikely hood that you cannot get your application approved you reserve the right to cancel your account however there are no refunds under any circumstances whatsoever. Cancellation and Termination: does not prorate canceled accounts. If you wish to cancel your account please do so prior to the 1st of the upcoming month otherwise you will be charged for that entire month. You are responsible for canceling your account in the proper manner. Should you wish to cancel your account you must do so by contacting our cancelations department via email at This is the only form of cancelation of service that will be accepted. Cancellations by phone or sent to any other email address will not be considered valid. Please indicate your App name and use the words “App Cancelation” in the subject line to ensure the email is properly flagged and responded to as efficient as possible. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. Upon cancelation of your account all of your content will be deleted. There is no way for your account or content to be recovered once the account is canceled. Please make sure you are absolutely positive that you want to cancel your account before doing so. reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any future use of service at anytime for any reason. Should you account be terminated you will lose all access to your account and content within. Modifications to the Service and Prices: reserves the right from time to time or at any time to discontinue or modify whether that be permanently or temporarily and or all services with or without notice. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you are agreeing to not hold liable to you, your company or any third parties for any modification, pricing change, suspension or termination of Service. reserves the right to modify service pricing which is including but not limited fees associated with monthly subscriptions or one time service fees with or without notice with or without notice. Periodically will issue updates to the website which may modify, add or remove features. will always do its best to notify customer in advance of said updates however updates are done automatically and there may be times that updates are made to the system with little to no notice. is not responsible for changes that will affect your application. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you are agreeing to not hold liable to you, your company or any third parties for any modification, pricing change, suspension or termination of Service. Copyright and Content Ownership:

By agreeing to these terms you are stating that you have full right to use any and all images and text and materials used in creation of your app on does not claim any intellectual property rights over the content used within your application however by creating an app on you are allowing the public to use and view the materials and information used in creation of your app. does not prescreen applications prior to submission however should they view content that they determine to be questionable or in breach of this agreement they have full right to refuse, remove or edit such content within the web based software service. As an app creator you are solely responsible for any fees or obtaining any licenses or permission from any third party sites and their respective owners. takes no liability or responsibility of usage or third party sites. was created by the hard work of many designers, programmers and engineers and all content, look, feel and code is copyright to You may not reuse, recreate or duplicate any portion of the website without prior written permission from a corporate officer. General Conditions:

By using the software as a service you are doing so at your sole risk. software as a service is provided “as is” and “as available” basis. When using the site you are making yourself aware that applications use third party connections and from time to third party content may not be available. takes no responsibility of loss of data or loading of information from third party sites. may from time to time but under no obligation to do so review the applications that have been created. If at any point we determine that the content or subject matter is unlawful, obscene slanderous or in violation of any copyright or state or federal laws we reserve the right to remove content or the application in its entirety. By building an app on website you are agreeing that reserves the right to use your application to help promote the site in any way which may includes highlights or spotlights on web, TV, radio or print media. By using the you are also agreeing that at any point reserves the right to terminate, edit or modify features with the application builder. is not to be used for unsolicited email or text messages or be used to broadcast worms or viruses for any destructive or threatening, slanderous or misleading matters. does not permit any written, verbal or physical abuse to any employee, reseller, affiliate or corporate offer. If such acts are discovered your application will be immediately be removed and your account will be terminated. My prohibits anyone from attempting to modify, duplicate hack any and all portions of the website. By using this site you are hereby agreeing to abide by all rules set within the terms and conditions document. makes no claims or guarantees that the software will meet your exact needs or expectations. By using the site you fully understand that the servers and third party vendors may from time to time experience outages whether that be scheduled or not scheduled or temporarily or permanently. If such network or hardware outages take place you are not holding liable for any direct or indirect loss of money, use or data. By Building an app on you are understanding that applications that are being built may be distributed across multiple telecommunication carrier networks and devises. makes no claims that your application will work on future platforms or devices that are not available on the day that you are building your application or the specific device make and model you have selected to build it for. By creating an app on you are doing so at your own free will and hereby hold companies, employees, affiliations, resellers, partners and subsidiaries harmless on any liabilities or claims that are as of a result in any way but not limited to personal bodily harm, death or any violations of laws or copywrite. By using this site you are entering into an agreement of these terms and services with

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